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OMNI is equipped with experienced, professional surveying and mapping personnel prepared to handle the unique demands and constraints of our varied clients and servicing the public and private sectors in the development of infrastructure throughout Florida. Our goal is to provide our clients with complete survey deliverables that meet or exceed all requirements, while striving to expedite the progress of any project through cost saving measures. We are able to customize our work to meet your needs, large or small.

OMNI provides a level of confidence and guarantee of accuracy, vital to the outcome of our clients’ ventures. Our crews are outfitted with technologically advanced equipment, including robotic total stations, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and data collection software optimized for precision and proficiency.

Surveying & mapping is a critical and necessary component in determining property boundaries and ownership, insuring titles for commercial properties, increasing accuracy and efficiency in design and construction and developing quantities by contractors. Surveying and mapping is similarly critical for justifications and as support in litigious arenas.

ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys
ALTA surveys provide clients the assurance of content thoroughness and exactitude, complete with surveys and associated maps. Construction layout services recovering and setting/densifying horizontal and vertical control on a construction site are the basis on which projects stand, and are essential to the overall success. Services may include: building/hardscape layout, as-built surveys, quantity/structure monitoring, road and bridge stake-out, quantities/volumes, utility layout, settlement surveys and construction engineering inspection/quality assurance surveys.

Boundary Surveys
OMNI provides boundary surveys essential for property sales/refinances, land development, permitting and fence line/neighbor disputes. True boundaries are established based on deeds of record, field monumentation, recorded plats and boundary evidence observed on the ground. Evidence is compiled into a digital drawing using the latest digital technology and survey practices.

Expert Witness
Thorough research and diligent analysis with supporting exhibits are imperative. Services include land disputes, accident scenes, easement disputes, forensic surveys and peer reviews.

Design Surveys
For design accuracy and developing precise quantities, topographic surveys are used to depict horizontal and vertical position of natural and man-made features. OMNI frequently provides digital terrain models, hydrographic surveys, jurisdictional wetland surveys, specific purpose surveys, utility surveys, quantity surveys, mean high water surveys, topographic surveys and route surveys.