This project involves the construction of a pedestrian bridge that crosses over the Harney Pond Canal to connect the Lost Trail from the pedestrian gate on Harney Pond Road to the pedestrian gate on Mertie Road, north of the city of Moore Haven, in east central Glades County, Florida. SR 78 runs east and west, crossing over the Harney Pond Canal. The Florida Trail, or Lost Trail, runs parallel to SR 78, intersecting it at various points. The Lost Trail currently diverts pedestrians to the Harney Pond Canal SR 78 Bridge in order to cross the canal.

OMNI provided subconsultant services for all survey requirements along SR 78 and along the dike that will accommodate the proposed Shared Use Path (SUP) and pedestrian bridge. We are also conducting SUE investigations at all locations that include new underground infrastructure or earthwork excavation (i.e., drilled shafts, bridge piles, strain poles, mast arms, miscellaneous foundations, drainage structures, pipe culverts, new ditches, etc.) in areas that work will be performed.