Utility Coordination

Effective communication between transportation agencies, utilities, design firms, and local municipalities is critical for a successful project. As a cornerstone of OMNI Communications, utility coordination services combine effective communication strategies with technical expertise to facilitate and support transportation projects during all phases of development and delivery.

OMNI Communications has extensive experience in utility coordination, methods and negotiations with agencies in the Tampa Bay Area, including FDOT, local municipalities and counties, and utility companies. Our professional staff includes former project managers from local FDOT Districts and municipalities, with the knowledge, relationships and experience necessary for successful project utility coordination.

Focused on Utilities Facilitation
Utility coordination is a critical element for a successful transportation project. The benefit of OMNI Communications is their specialized focus and daily contact with local utility companies and their project managers. The firm coordinates the following utility types:

  • Water
  • Sanitary
  • Electric
  • Communication
  • Gas

Role as Project Utility Coordinator
At OMNI Communications, each utility coordination project is thoroughly investigated to prevent problems before they arise, identify and understand project-specific issues, and plan ahead for each stage. OMNI Communications works proactively with utilities in reviewing schedules and phasing, and developing a contingency plan in case of delay. Utility coordination tasks include:

  • Provide experienced utility coordinators familiar with the FDOT utility coordination process
  • Employ cost avoidance measures where feasible
  • Coordinate utility work by others
  • Provide 'utilities clear' certification and required documents to the construction utility coordinators / construction project engineer
  • Prepare and administer utility coordination activities under a Utility Work by Highway Contractor Agreement (UWHCA) when appropriate or should the scope of utility work exceed a utility agency's resources
  • Support efforts in acquiring utility permits and easements
  • Obtain suitable utility work schedules from Utility Agency Owner's (UAO's)


  • Notification to Affected Utilities

  • Constructability Review

  • Review of Utility Relocation Schedules

  • Permitting Assistance

  • Administrative Support for UWHCA

  • Claims Support

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Advanced Utility Relocation Support

  • Schedule Review

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