Surveying & Mapping

OMNI’s Surveying and Mapping professionals have many years of experience working with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and numerous other municipalities throughout Florida.  OMNI’s understanding of client and FDOT requirements is accompanied by a commitment to provide high quality deliverables while meeting all budget and schedule requirements.  

Whether it is using a state-of-the-art Field Data Collection System, the latest GIS software or hiring highly trained and experienced staff, OMNI believes that investing in the right tools and personnel are critical components to our success. OMNI survey crews and CADD technicians are equipped with the best technology available to ensure that client expectations are met or exceeded. Survey deliverables are typically provided in digital and hard copy format, as well as AutoCad 3D, upon request.
OMNI’s primary objective is to provide cost effective, quality surveying and mapping services that instill confidence in our clients.  The entire OMNI team is committed to helping our clients successfully reach their project goals by delivering the finest work product possible.

Design Surveys

A design survey is the backbone of a project and a key component to its overall success.  Whether using conventional or laser scanning technology, OMNI’s design surveys precisely depict horizontal and vertical locations of natural and man-made features for a project. OMNI has provided design surveys for a wide range of clients and is dedicated to ensuring that Surveying and Mapping deliverables exceed all necessary requirements.

3D High Definition Surveys
OMNI’s survey staff has provided 3D scanning services for many years and offers this technology to meet specific needs that cannot be addressed by conventional surveying methods. 3D scanning provides the client an increased level of accuracy and detail in a shorter period of time. There are numerous benefits to utilizing high definition surveys including:

  • Comparable in cost to traditional as-built and topographic surveys but with more detail.
  • Provides accurate data not achievable with conventional survey.
  • Fewer costly remobilizations to the site.
  • More accurate, complete as-built information to allow better retrofit design. Minimizes human error.
  • The ability to remotely perform 3D scanning enhances crew safety by keeping team members away from hazardous roadways.
3D Scan at the University of South Florida

Right-of-Way Surveys

OMNI’s team understands the importance of accuracy in a right-of-way (ROW) survey. It is crucial for public or private entities with an interest in, or jurisdiction over the property in question to have complete confidence in the ROW survey. A ROW survey identifies all entities and their fee title and easement interests, as well as the potential impact of the proposed improvements. OMNI has successfully provided quality ROW surveys throughout the state of Florida.

Project Types

  • Transportation

  • Airport

  • General Civil

  • Building Construction

  • GIS

  • Federal Government

  • Railway

  • Ecological

  • Schools/Universities


  • Design Surveys

  • 3D High Definition Surveys

  • Right-of-Way Surveys

  • Specific Purpose Surveys

  • As-Built Surveys

  • Construction Layout Services

  • Utility Surveys

  • Boundary Surveys

  • Mean High Water Surveys

  • Expert Witness

  • ALTA/ASCM Land Title Surveys

  • Record Plat Preparation / Review