Public Involvement  /
Public Information

OMNI Communications has the strength and experience of 18 years in providing public relations and communication strategies for transportation/infrastructure projects. Our firm delivers productive and timely communication strategies through various public outreach initiatives to meet the demands of public involvement during project planning and design, as well as public information needs during project construction.

Services are provided for varying types of roadway systems, from resurfacing to complex reconstruction and widening, re-occurring improvements, highways, and bridges.

Public outreach initiatives, such as public workshops and surveys, keep all stakeholders informed of project activities at key stages of project development.

OMNI Communications uses proactive interaction and teamwork to attain and provide the latest project details.  Issues are identified and resolved directly with concerned individuals before problems develop, and information is efficiently disseminated with written correspondence to stakeholders, area businesses and residents.

Although both Public Involvement and Public Information services focus primarily on the public's awareness of projects, these tasks have much different specific requirements and goals. OMNI Communications uses time-tested methods to meet the distinct needs of state and local municipalities, from PD&E and design through to construction and beyond.


  • Community Awareness Plans
  • Public Involvement Plans
  • Public Participation Meetings
  • Planning Strategies
  • Homeowner / Civic Group Presentations
  • Right-of-Entry Forms
  • Mailing Lists
  • Elected Officials List
  • Flyers / Newsletters / Mailers
  • Graphic Services
  • Electronic Media Presentations
  • Project Information / Media Books
  • Business / Motorist Surveys
  • Media Liaison
  • Open House
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Agency Briefings / Stakeholder Updates
  • Information Outlets
  • Project Websites
  • Interactive Database
  • 24-Hour Information / Project Hotline   
  • VMS Boards / Advance Notice
  • Project Brochures
  • Press Releases
  • Notification of Closures / Detours