Construction Support

Once transportation projects are let to construction, OMNI Communications provides administrative and CEI services supporting the site's construction. Our services are organized specifically to facilitate project management and fulfill the precise administrative requirements for state and local transportation projects.


Previous experience supporting transportation construction projects is crucial to ensure a smooth project. OMNI Communications' administrative staff is 'project-ready', having supported multiple state and local projects. The administrative team is familiar with project procedures, and trained and experienced in the latest computer software and administrative methods.


Construction project experience equips our team with the knowledge of administrative requirements at key milestones and throughout the project. This understanding allows for successful project tracking, detailed information for clients, and optimal field management.


Our staff understands the importance of the many detailed tasks required to successfully support transportation construction projects. They are familiar with current federal, state and local administrative forms and procedures, as well as the unique environment and energy of a project field office.


In addition to field office support, OMNI Communications' staff performs field inspection services, including certified MOT inspection, utility inspection, and concrete and earthwork inspection services. At OMNI Communications, we are able to provide bi-lingual administrative staff for the greatest efficiency in interviewing and collecting necessary information from the field. Successful interviews are essential to complete and remit required federal EEO forms.


  • Field Office Manager
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Project EEO Support
  • Project Secretary
  • Project Receptionist
  • Contract Support Specialist
  • Field Inspector
  • Data Entry
  • Field Interviews
  • Bi-lingual Option (Spanish)
  • Administrative Project Requirements
  • State & Local Procedure

  • Project Tracking